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Plexiglas Sign


This plexiglas sign looks simple and elegant. Chrome metallic and white vinyl lettering look beautiful against the glossy black background.

PVC Signs


PVC material is a popular substrate material for exterior signs. Wooden signs are no longer the best choice for long lasting signs. Todays primers and paints lack the ingredients of the past that allowed painted surfaces to hold up to extreme weather, abuse and time. Although this was necessary, painted wooden signs have a "shelf life" of a few years, then they start peeling and nobodys happy. not the customer or the sign artist that has to replace it. By using the PVC materials along with vinyl lettering, you can still get a nice looking sign that will last many decades. Here is an example of a sign made from PCVC plastic.



This oval sign is a lovely example of using shape for added interest.

Carved Signs


Everyone notices a carved sign. They are whimsical, usually have classy graphics and are usually seen in quaint small seaside towns. Carved signs are representative of quality. Like a good quality business card or fine fabric, these types of signs are representative of your image what your customer can expect when they do business with you.

Directional Signs

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Interior Directional Signs come in endless shapes and sizes.

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