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Custom Helmet Graphics & Pinstriping

truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe

Pinstriping isn't just for vehicles anymore! Here are a few helmets that I custom detailed. "Woody" is an example recreating faux wood ski helmet. The Hockey helmet incorporated hand painted graphics and vinyl lettering. The "Vulture" was custom airbrushed and hand painted. The welding helmet was detailed with 2 color retro pinstripng and hand lettering.

Miniature Taxi Project

truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe

My customer had a miniature display yellow taxi that he wanted detailed. I painted the "metal" parts with metallic silver paint, created the checkered stripes and reproduced the signage, graphics other small details. I painted the details on hubcaps, reproduced the decals and license plate along with creating decals for the front, sides and rear window so that it appeared to be able to see inside the cab (the windows having solid fiberglass and not cut out). It looks great and with the window decals, it makes the the cab look much more realistic. Creating and forming the checkered decals around the taxi was challenging and took many hours to size, reshape, reform them to make them fit exactly as needed.


truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe

This van owner is a big fan of Elvira. He wanted to install everything Eliva on this vehicle. I created custom large digital prints of the images he selected for this project. I added 2 color retro painted pinstriping on the outside and inside of the van. Black vinyl lettering was added to the outside to complete the design. Can't miss this display going down the road!

Cowl Custom Art

truck pinstripe

This was a fun project. Customer wanted a whimsical design on this cowl piece.

Truck Rear Tailgate Graphics

truck pinstripe

This is another example of custom airbrushing and brush detail.

Tribal Jeep Graphics

truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe

These tribal graphics give this Jeep some serious attitude!

Giving New Life to this Faded Giraffe

truck pinstripe

My customer had a beautiful fiberglass Giraffe that needed some serious tender loving care and attention. He called me to refurbish the paint, darken the color, and add whimsical eyelashes to give it a fun appearance. Here it is with that new look!

These tribal graphics give this Jeep some serious attitude!

Gold Leaf Project

truck pinstripe

This antique eagle was completely refurbished. i repainted the areas with color and applied a fresh layer of 24K goldleaf. Looks like new!

Refurbishing Old School Goldleaf Lettering

truck pinstripe

I recently completed a job that called for hand crafted gold leaf lettering to be refurbished. After cleaning the surface of the lettering, I carefully repainted each letter and finished with a thin black outline. Hand painted lettering is a craft not seen much anymore. Computers and vinyl lettering have made jobs like this quick, inexpensive and consistent. Back in the day, an artist would make a pounce pattern by hand, go to the site with all the tools, then carefully and patiently hand paint each letter. After allowing the paint to dry for a few hours, the artist would return to the job and finish with a delicate outline. This was difficult and time consuming as patrons would be needing to go in and out of the room and the artist would constantly have to stop what they were doing to accommodate the door opening and closing. It was a pleasure to be able to revisit history and I felt proud to be able to freshen up the work of an artist from an era gone by. Although the original gold leaf was replaced with metal gold paint, the finished work looks like it was done yesterday and still had that old time look and allure.

Computer Graphics

truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe truck pinstripe

I created these computer generated illustrations utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with several instructional books. They were fun and interesting to create.

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